CMandrill 3.0 released

I'm happy to announce that Cmandrill 3.0 is now available for download.

Version 3 introduces a major change to the way we handle the Mandrill templates. In previous versions you had to specify the component, view and task that send the template. This was working most of the time, but it was not working when templates were sent out of plugins (because the view and component could be different each time). In this version CMandrill no longer relies on those, but it actually looks for the class & function name that send the mail. This way we can be pretty sure that the correct template will be selected all the time. If you are updating from version 2, you'll need to modify your templates! Check our docs for more info.

If you are developer you'll be also happy to learn that the component now installs the CMandrill library. The library is a fork of the official PHP wrapper provided by Mailchimp. The goal of this fork is to provide a Mandrill library that follows the Joomla coding conventions and makes it easy for joomla developers to use Mandrill in their projects based on the Joomla framework (or just CLI script if you want). The library is located on github and is distributed under the GPL license. Feel free to fork and contribute!

Download | Documentation | Support forum

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