CMC v3 released. Update today!

CMC v3 released. Update today!
No, this is not a critical security release, but you should still update today.

In the beginning of last year Mailchimp announced v3 of their API. Initially it didn't support all the features that v 1.3 had and we were reluctant to update, despite it being RESTful and better organized. But things changed. In February this year Mailchimp announced that v3 was feature complete and most importantly that they were planning to retire the use of the older APIs by the end of the year. Since we want you to be still able to subscribe users to your newsletters after the end of this year we started working on CMC v3. It took us more time than initially anticipated, but CMC v3 is here. It has all the features that the previous versions of CMC had and most importantly it will continue to work after the end of the year!

So, roll up your sleeves! It's updating time!
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