CMigrator 0.4 - migration just got easier!

CMigrator 0.4 - migration just got easier!

We are happy to inform you that version 0.4 of CMigrator was just released. Migrating from Wordpress or Drupal to Joomla was never easier!

So, what is new?

We've listened to your requests and it is now possible to migrate your data without deleting your existing Joomla content. This setting is called "Clean migration". If you set it to NO, the migration will preserve your existing data. However, we still recommend to do a "Clean migration", meaning - deleting the exising joomla data! (This option is available when you create/edit your migration configuration.)

We fixed all reported bugs! Migration freezes and database insert errors are part of past now! A big thank you to everyone who reported them and provided us with their databases for testing!

This version also properly handles the assets table (more info about the assets table here). Articles and categories are handled the same way joomla does this!


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