CTransifex 1.5 released

CTransifex 1.5 released

Today I've released CTransifex 1.5. It fixes all reported problem since the last release (problems with the installation of the language packs) and also introduces a new language view, that will give your users more information about the status of the translation:


The "Contribute now" button will lead users directly to the language editor in transifex.

CTransifex now respects the minimum_perc flag in your transifex config. So if you have a resource that is translated below the percentage you've set we won't download this resource and we won't add it to the ZIP package.

We've made a small change to the way we distribute CTransifex. Because developing this extension requires a lot of time we need to finance it somehow. That is why we now distribute CTarnsifex in a Core and Pro version. I'm sure that you already want to know what the difference between the two is. I actually wanted to distribute a core version that has less features and is for example limited to only 1 project, where the Pro version give you the full range of features... (kind of the way we do it with CComment) Fortunately Opentranslators reminded me of the value of this extension for the community and that is why I decided that for the moment the core & Pro version will have the same features.

Why go Pro then? Well, with the Pro version there is priority support through our Ticket system. I realize that this won't be enough for a lot of people, because the extension works out of the box & the documentation rocks :), but I really want to support the bigger part of the Joomla community for as long I can.

Our feature comparison page states that the Pro version is for those of you who distribute commercial extensions. I won't hunt you down if you are a commercial developer and you use the extension without subscription. I have better things to do in my free time... But I will be really happy if you could spent few bucks to support the development of this extension & by doing so support the whole Joomla community.

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