Happy Valentine's Day from Compojoom

Love is in the air this time of the year no matter where you are in the world. We have gathered some of the most exciting Valentine's Day savings from the hottest Joomla companies around! And we made it easy for you. One Coupon code for all companies heartu20 and save 20%. Check out the savings below:

Compojoom - 20% off

  • Save on some of the hottest components such as Compojoomcomment and HotSpots. These components are widely used on many sites. No need to explain more :)

JoomlaPraise - 20% off

  • We are excited about our new relationship with JoomlaPraise. Now our products will be part of their template club for all of the new 2.5 templates they will be releasing. Eleglance 2.5 is the first template that uses Compojoomcomments and HotSpots. Check it out to see all the amazing features JoomlaPraise has put into the template.

‘corePHP’ - 20% off

  • One of my good friends is ‘corePHP’. I love the stuff as they do amazing work like WordPress for Joomla, to jomCDN to speed your site up, to a rock solid YouTube module and more. You can’t go wrong with their products. One of the best companies in the Joomla Sphere.

Stackideas - 20% off

  • What can we say, we use their Easyblog extension and LOVE it. Blogging is FUN!!! Thank you Stackideas. Check out our blog to see what it is all about. They also have the best multi-purpose conversation tool EasyDiscuss.

Use Coupon Code: heartu20 at all companies when shopping and save 20% at these amazing places till Friday 17, 2012 at midnight

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Savings!!!

And if that wasn't enough we now have a new free product for your 2.5 site called CUpdater - get yourself notified about new joomla + 3rd party extension updates the fun way!

CompoJoom Team

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Compojoom now part of JoomlaPraise templates
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