Hotspots 1.0 beta1 released

I'm really proud to announce that Hotspots 1.0 beta1 was just uploaded to our download section. I see this release as an important milestone in the development of this component.

With this release we fix hell of a lot bugs and are slowly approaching a stable release.

Just to outline few of the most important changes:
1. The component makes 50+ less queries to the database - this means faster loading times.
2. You can now use html in your descriptions and the marker will load.... Pictures and the enter are also allowed :)

Please notice: if you wish to upgrade from an older version of hotspots I would advise you to hold on till beta2. However if you really wish - you can do it - I've made it myself and it works fine, but you will have some manual work to do too! If you use custom category icons and shadows, you have to move them manually to the media folder. Actually the best thing would be to move the whole components/com_hotspots/images folder to media/com_hotspots/images .

Please notice: if you wish to try the component out - now is the best time - this is the most stable and bug free version that we have so far :)

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