Hotspots 3.1.1 released

We've just released Hotspots 3.1.1 . This is a maintenance release that fixes all the bugs reported since version 3.1. Here is the changelog:

~ making the router function a little more clever. We try to match the hotspot category against the start category selected in the menu
# fixed - map was not working on IE8
# fixed - when editing a hotspot from the frontend the wrong category was selected
# publish/unpublish hotspots redirects to the wrong view
# zoom not working in single view
~ don't rely on $ - avoids conflicts with incorrectly included jquery libraries
# fixed - readmore in menu firing wrong click event
# fixed - search results not showing custom markers
~ search now has pagination and respects the list lenght limit set in the options
# fixed - infoWindow closes when moving around. Now it only closes when one changes the category
# fixed - js bug preventing the map in single view to show the location of the hotspot
# fixed - wrong redirects when entering a hotspot
# fixed - the geolocate button was not click-able in frontend submit form
# fixed - js error when loading the map with custom tiles
# fixed - wrong markers shown when a tab is closed
# fixed - when copying a search link and opening it in another tab the map now loads properly
+ updating the stats module to show number of tiles + option to delete the tiles
# the hotspot name was shown in the div for the marker_address...
~ removing \t \n \r from the ajax response - should reduce the file size a little
# fixed - comma is missing between address and town (infowindow)
# fixed -> wrong tiles generated when searching for something
# updated the liveupdate library - this fixes a bug with wrong version number displayed (no version number displayed)
~ moving to downloadid instead of username&password for live update
- removed the information view as we use overview module in the dashboard for this
# fixed - miltiple KMLs were not shown in the same category

Download is available to our subscribers here.

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