Hotspots 3.2.2 released

Hotspots 3.2.2 released

I'm happy to announce that Hotspots 3.2.2 has just been released. This is a cumulative stability update fixing both bugs on joomla 3.0 and on joomla 2.5

Here is the changelog:

+ adding a copy link button
~ category-shadow is now required in the category settings
+ adding metadata information on map view# map was not refreshing the locations properly when the search tab was selected# fixed layout issues on joomla 3.0
# date was not respecting the format setting on the maps view# fixed a bug with the jomsocial plugin
# some hotspots were not shown on the map and in the menu (bug introduced with the new sorting)
# the check all button in backend was not functioning properly on j3.0# search by street/country/town was not working - thanks to Grazing Cat .Inc for providing us with a fix
# sorting hotspots by name ASC in the menu
# single hotspots was not rendered when ccomment was selected in the options, but it was not actually installed on the user's site
# sql error when hotspots order is set to created time~ the install script not allows the installation only on joomla >= 2.5.6
# userhotspots was not working on joomla 3.0
# the map was missing from "submit-hotspots" view in the frontend on joomla3# readmore was showing in the menu even though "Marker detailpage" was set to no
~ making the links to k2 a little better
~ running the intro text through the code of the SEF plugin
# the search - hotspots plugin was not properly working on joomla 2.5 and 3.0

A small cool feature that I want to outline here is the copy link function. (you can find the option to enable it in the menu settings). When enabled you'll get a new button in the frontend that will allow you to copy the map url with the default center & zoom. This will make it possible for you to now share links with friends pointing them to a specific location or search. (please not currently the link will only be able to set the correct center and zoom and it will show the hotspots in that area. you can't use it to share the result from a directions search)

The download is available to all our current subscribers in our download center or through the live update feature in the component's backend.

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