Hotspots 3.3 - styled maps are here!

Hotspots 3.3 is a maintenance release. We've fixed quite a few bugs since the last release :) But a thing that really excites me is the support for the Styled Maps feature in the Google Maps API.

Ever since I saw a demo of it I wanted to add it to Hotspots. Now it is here! You can check it in action over here. Now you can create a map that closely matches the style of your site. If you have a dark template you can generate a dark map with just a few clicks. Use the Google Maps API Styled Maps Wizard & then just copy and past the JSON string in the Hotspots configuration. That is all!

We've also simplified the configuration -> now you can access it through the dashboard & it is not split in 2 places anymore.

Here are few screenshots:

The download is as usual available to subscribers in the download section!

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