Hotspots 5 - nested categories are here!

Hotspots 5 - nested categories are here!

Since the first version of Hotspots one of the most requested features has always been - nested categories! Literally most requested - I get a mail about it nearly every other week :) .

After deleting few thousand lines of code and making changes to most of Hotspots files I'm happy to announce that nested categories are now part of Hotspots.


For those of you that don't recognise it - that is Joomla's Category manager. For some time now developers have been able to use it with their own extensions and I finally rewrote Hotspots to make use of all features it offers. The category icon and tile color fields that you have been used to see in Hotspots have been moved to the Hotspots - Options tab. You'll have to provide them when you create your category:


If you are restricting submission of Hotspots to particular categories in the frontend you can now control which usergroup will get the category for selection in the dropdown in the frontend. Just don't grant the group you don't want to have access to this category category.add permissions.

When you update Hotspots we'll try to automatically migrate all categories, update the relations between the new categories and your existing hotspots, the menu entries and the custom fields. We should get this right in 99.99% of the time. But if for some reason the update doesn't go as smooth as expected just create a ticket and we'll help you fix your issue as usual!

Once we have moved your category information to the new database table we are deleting the category table that was coming with Hotspots. So, just in case make sure that before updating you have a backup! But you know that, don't you?

To grab this version for a test go over here.

If you want to test the PRO version and you don't own a subscription, how about getting one now over here :)

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