Hotspots project status

I know that there are already people waiting for it - the new version of hotspots. We are really close to a new version, but we still need to fix few things to make your user experience better!

We have made a great progress the last several days and in this post I would like to let you know what we are exactly fighting with :)

I don't want to lie to you - hotspots is really a great component, but it is a little bit strange getting used to. If you are not an experienced user - you better be loaded with a lot of patience. After you install the component and publish it to a menu - you look at the frontend to find that nothing is showing. You just see this message "data loading". To be honest - this message is really freaking me out! Why isn't anything loading??? Where is my map - I've pubilshed a marker already - what is the matter here???? Yep, I've been there...

In the next version we identify 99% of the reasons why the map is not loading - if you have zero categories - then you will see a message to create a category. If you entered a wrong category id for the default hotspot - you are going to see a message that this id is not existing. If you have some fancy stuff in your html description - hotspots doesn't care anymore - it should show your marker.

We've been working hard fix some of the most common problems that you may encounter and you should be pleased with the next release. Just stay tuned...

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