Life, universe and teaching workshops

Since the last release of Hotspots I’ve been really busy. Mainly procrastinating, but also trying to think about life, the universe and the restaurant at the end of the universe

I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t find the time to write about . Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t click on that link yet! Let me first tell you what it is all about. :)

Some of you know that I love to teach. In matter of fact I love to teach so much that I sometimes piss my users off because I don’t give them the solution right away, but ask them to read and learn. Back in 2010 I’ve organized a webinar “How to make Professional Joomla Templates” and it was great! I hope that some of the users that were attending the webinar back then will come here again and confirm how great it was :). Anyway… this was the time when I realized that I want to teach. And what better way to teach, than to do workshops? Yea, exactly – workshops are hard to organize! Even when you have the location, you have to gather the people from around the world to come to it. All this time I was postponing and postponing, but the time has come! We had to try!

It all started a little bit like a joke. I was trying to learn nooku. Had some tweets exchanged with Johan… Then I spoke with Alexis and told him: “Let’s organize a nooku jam”. So we looked at the figures and it looked quite expensive. Nothing for a coding jam, but a workshop on the other side!

Alexis took the things from there. He found the location, contacted Peter, Brian, Max and Kristoffer and there we go! We have our first workshops organized!

What’s left? Well – you remember that I told you above not to click on the link? Now you can click it! Check the workshops that we have there, find the one you like and register for it! Once you register I expect to see you in November on Mallorca! (if you’ve never been to Mallorca – now is the right time to book your tickets!!!)

And hurry up! Registration ends on October 2nd 2011!

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