Mandrill for Joomla! Say hello to transactional emails!

In the beginning of the month Mailchimp unveiled a new service called Mandrill. Mandrill is a service that allows you to send transactional emails.

The core features of it can be summarized in the following lines:

  • Uses MailChimp's awesome email delivery engine
  • Tracks opens and clicks
  • Automatically adds Google Analytics tracking data to the URLs in the mail
  • Has pretty, visual reports of the email results
  • Allows you to tag the emails and see your stats filtered by tag

And maybe last but not least - the Mandrill service offers a powerful API! Since APIs are for geeks MailChimp contacted us to create a Joomla plugin for the normal user. And there we have it! Mandrill for Joomla is a plugin that you can install as any other Joomla plugin. After the installation all you need to do is provide your Mandrill API key and from now on the mails that your Joomla site is going to send are going to be send through Mandrill's API. On the Mandrill's website you will be able to see the clicks, open rates. The plugin also tags the messages by component name, view and task. This way you can easily identify what messages are send, from where and when.

For more information about the way the plugin works and what limits there are check out the documentation.

The plugin is completely free, just head to our download section and get it! (to see the download section you need to be a registered user)

If you need any support just drop us a line in the forum section for Mandril:

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