Matukio 3.0 is out!

We are very happy to announce that our events extension Matukio 3.0 is now available for download! Version 3 brings major changes to the backend (fully MVC and bootstraped now!), integrates different fees and location pages and a lot of other awesome new features!

To see Matukio live in action take a look at the demo page and at the new Product Tour at! Additionally we also have a "short" video showing the changes of Matukio 3:

Rewrite of the backend

We have put a lot of effort (30.000 lines of code changed) in completly rewriting the Matukio backend to the Joomla MVC patterns and the user interface to bootstrap. Matukio now integrates 100% into the Joomla 3 design, for Joomla 2.5 we have backported Bootstrap so that you have all these amazing features there too. The new backend brings a separate view for your bookings (you can now take a look of all bookings at once and not just at event specific ones), many new filters and search options and an optimized workflow saving you a lot of time. To see the backend live in action take a look at the Product Tour and at the video above.


Different fees

You now can have different fees for your events, allowing you to create discounts and also extra charges based on percentual or cash values. For example you can create discounts for children or seniors, but you could also create some more complex fees which are only valid for a selected date interval. The "global" different fees can also be overriden for each event, allowing you to have custom different fees for every event.

Location pages

With Matukio 3 you can now have fantastic location pages allowing you, not only to advertise your events, but also their locations! This is also saving you time because you don't have to set up a location and google maps address anymore - you just select the location during the event creation.

Default values

This is also another great time saver, allowing you to set default values for the event creation, from start / end times over default locations, titles and many other fields.

New settings

Matukio 3 brings a lot of new settings allowing you to customize it even more to your needs. For example you now can set up a BCC email address, which gets a copy of all mails send by Matukio or you can now show the timezone next to event times.

Bugfixes and optimizations

Matukio 3 brings also hundreds of bugfixes and small improvements making it even easier to manage your events. Additionally you can now reset the settings, templates and bookingfields back to their default values.

What's coming next?

Matukio 3 is a rolling release, that means that we are going to release as soon and as often as possible. There are many other features which are going to come in the next weeks and month, like recurring events or automatic invoice generation. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep your self updated! We also have dedicated topic in the forums with the latest news.

Enjoy testing Matukio 3 and let us now if you have any wishes for the next versions!

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