Matukio Events 6.1.0 released

Matukio Events 6.1.0 released

We are happy to announce the availability of Matukio Events 6.1.0. You can install it over the Joomla updater or manually by downloading it from the Downloads area and use the Joomla installer (no uninstallation before).

Matukio 6.1.0 brings new features, better usability and generally optimises and cleans up the extension. It also adds an basic query API for events, so you can access the event information beyond the web.

Improved event overview in the backed

​You can now see the date information (also recurring ones) directly at the event-overview. Just click the arrow down and they will show up. You can also now directly filter for the event location and override it in dates.

Click to view it in action

Tauristar Event-List Template is out of beta now

After the addition in Matukio 6.0, we are happy to announce that the Tauristar template reached a stable level and is now out of beta. It's the perfect template for 1000s of events and empowers search on type, Geolocation etc.

Click to view it in action

Reject bookings with a message

​Ever wanted to send your participants a reason when you cancel their bookings? Now you can, just select the bookings and click on the reject button, choose your message and subject and they get a custom notification.

And there is more, like better SEF URLs for the event-list, Microdata improvements and a lot of other things. We also started working on Matukio 7, which is bringing our new Form Builder Extension CForms into Matukio! Be sure to check CForms out. As always we would love to hear your feedback and wishes!

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