Matukio Events Version 6 released

Matukio Events Version 6 released

Some days ago we finally released Matukio Events 6. It is one of the biggest releases ever, changing almost 40000 lines of code and bringing 18000 new. But stats don't tell you anything about features, so in this blog posts we are going to focus on that!

Version 6 has been announced as version 5.3 before, but because we added so many new features and changes we made it a major release (SemVer). The features we envisioned for Matukio 6 are now planned for Version 7.

Four new Views

​Version 6 brings four new views:

1.) Event-list table: Compact table for showing and printing upcoming events in a row layout
2.) Category event-list table: Compact table grouped by event categories
3.) Featured (Top Events) view with new Layout, focusing on your content!
4.) Terms and conditions and revoke text view

Support for Tags and a new event template

Matukio Events now supports Joomla tags. This allows you too categorize your events even more detailed. We also added a new event detail template: Academy! It's a stunning template which supports full width images as header and brings a complete new style option to Matukio.

We are going to release a full Joomla! template featuring the Academy template during the next month. For a sneak preview take a look at this site (german - not final).

The modern event template has been completely rewritten (without changing the design) with full bootstrap support. 

Booking form improvements

The booking form offers now the possibilty to login / register during the booking. And you can now have additional paid options (per seat or per booking). They are shown as checkboxes below the normal payment selects and give you the possibilty to easily add extras.

We also switched to the Joomla 3.5 form validator, bringing more reliable validations and better customizing support. You can also show the net fees and taxes now on the last page of the booking form (if you have a tax set up).

Split dates and calendar thumbnails

Events can now use split dates. E.g. free days / times between dates. For that Matukio Events has a new option -> Show all dates <- with a nice, repsonsive popup showing all these in the frontend! In the calendar you can now show thumbnails of the event detail image.

Technical improvements under the hood

​There are tons of changes below the hood. For example we updated the calendar to fullcalendar 2, bringing much better mobile and responsive views. We also updated TCPDF (our PDF generator library) allowing you to use more complex HTML in the PDFs Matukio Events generates. Config parameters are now saved as Joomla parameters, bringing better performance, easier updates and less charset troubles. We also improved the microdata support in Matukio Events and now support Sharrif (Social media with privacy) Joomla! plugin. All bootstrap modals have been replaced against responsive, mobile friendly magnific popup ones. These should cause much less trouble in different Joomla! installations.

For a full changelog of Matukio Events and for a roadmap take a look at the new documentation.

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