SEO Contest Siebtlingsgeburt with Joomla 2017

 Joomla is participating at a SEO contest of the organizer of the SEO-Day 2017 in cologne by Fabian Rossbacher. The idea is to rank highest with the keyword "Siebtlingsgeburt". Start is the 25th of September, end the 12th of October 2017.

What is Siebtlingsgeburt?

Siebtlingsgeburt is the german word for septuplet. E.g. when a mother gives birth (Geburt) to seven (Sieben) children. A Siebtlingsgeburt is quite rare and does not happen often. There are just some documented cases. Joomla created a separate landing page telling the great story of Captain Joomla and the Siebtlingsgeburt. Make sure you follow the Siebtlingsgeburt story and link it as often as possible from your domains and from Social Media. Btw. other common words for Siebtlingsgeburt are Sieblingsgeburt and Siebenlingsgeburt, it's always about the same Siebenlinge (septuplet).

Our friend Christopher Wagner, team leader of the Joomla SEO team, is working hard with 10 people and the whole Joomla community on ranking first for it. Will they succeed? Only Captain Joomla can tell!

But we need your support! Please link as often with the word "Siebtlingsgeburt" to - Please help saving the Siebtlingsgeburt!

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