The best Hotspots release ever!

The hardest part when developing software is being aware of the real world. Way too often we live in a bubble that clouds our judgement. Looking at the incomming support tickets we tend to think that our software is full of bugs. Looking at the reviews we start to think that it is the best thing in the world. The truth is actually somewhere in the middle. Lately I realised again that Hotspots is a great piece of software. And as with any software - there are things that work great and there are things that need to be improved.

Due to unpredicted circumstances I wasn't able to finish Hotspots 4 as planned for the begining of March. So, to spare you some waiting I decided to finish off what I already had and to release 3.6. I think that this is one of our finest releases so far.

What's new?

Well, we've got a lot of requests for better CB, Jomsocial and K2 integraiton. So now I'm happy to say that if you use CB or Jomsocial, you will be able to show all your users on the map!

If you use K2 you will be able to show your articles on the map. Not only that but if you add a location in the k2 item, it will also be shown below the article.

If you use Matukio, you'll be able to show your events on the map!

We are often asked - can I add a field for the phone number, or a field to collect additional information. I'm happy to let you know that hotspots 3.6 now comes with custom fields support (currently only text & select fields)

Another thing that was requested pretty often was the ability to create links to specific areas on the map. Like create a link that would center the map over Africa, Asia etc. This was really tricky with the previous hotspots version. But now with 3.6 it is a piece of cake! You are now able to override nearly any Javascript setting that we use in the component. This way each map that you create can look unique. 

For those of you who want to show some kind of additional information to the user, you can now use several module positions to add more content to the menu.

What's fixed?

Well, a lot of things :) Just check the release log!

As usual! If you find any issues just submit a ticket or post in the forum! Have fun with Hotspots 3.6!


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