The end is not in sight!

According to some fatalists the end of the world is approaching. I don't subscribe to that view* and that is why I thought that it would be nice to reflect on the past year and have a look at what's still way in front of us.

Before I start talking about anything else I want to thank you for being our customer & for being so AWESOME! You are helping us grow not only as a company, but as human beings. Thank you for all the feedback, forum posts, tickets, emails, tweets, calls and whatever!

Ok, enough sentimentality! I know that some of you are already looking for the end of the year coupon code, so here is the link to it:

This year I've realized that I'm more or less perfectionist. When we release an update or a new extension - I'm glad for a second, but then my mind is thinking - "we need to do so much more..." . There is always a feature missing, there is always something that needs to be added and fixed... This kind of thinking has made me unsatisfied for a long period of time, but now I've realized - it is not all that bad! Actually we've done it pretty good so far!

When we started 2012 we had just 2 extensions & now we are soon going to have more than 10! And I'm not talking about some simple plugins (as a lot of people do). I'm talking about full featured extensions with 1000s of lines of code!

New in 2012

CMigrator - helps you migrate your WordPress or Drupal website into Joomla

Matukio - an awesome event management extension! We are a using it on to organize our joomla webinars.

Tiles - is the slideshow component that powers our frontpage & dozens of other customer's pages, enabling you to easily and tidily present a lot of information in an artistic and practical way.

CMC - is for Mailchimp fans! This component helps you to manage your mailchimp lists directly in the backend of your joomla installation + with just a few clicks you can publish your newsletter subscription module. Works on joomla 2.5 and 3.0

CNotes - lets your users create private notes on each and every page of your website

CTransifex - an extension that helps developers who use transifex to distribute their language translations.

JEDChecker - an extensions that helps developers with the submission process to the JED(Joomla extension directory) by checking their extensions for common errors


Hotspots - we've managed to push a huge update to the Hotspots component. Version 3 was finally able to handle large data sets - 100k+ markers in the db. It also now supports KML and its modular javascript design allows 3rd party developers to easily change & add features to it.

Soon to be updated:

CComment - when we started back in 2008 our only product was ccomment. Now in 2012 we've worked hard on completely rewriting it and making it ready for the future. Soon there should be the first public beta!

Just released:

FFGate - the component that powers our Christmas promotion this year. You can use it to create custom Facebook pages & tabs. Get it now for free as a Christmas present. Starting next year the support subscription for it will cost 19€! Here is a short video in which Yves explains how to install, configure and use the component:

Soon to be released:

CMandrill - our Mandrill plugin is awesome! But since we've been using it on for quite a lot of time now we've got all those ideas how to make it better. Expect the new CMandrill extension somewhere around Christmas :)

Can we improve?

We are just humans. Nothing we ever make will be perfect, but we can always strive for perfection. Let us know if there is something that you consider really important and that needs improvement.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Your compojoom team

* Who knows....

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CTransifex 1.1 released
CMigrator 2.0