CTransifex 1.1 released

We've just released a new version of the CTransifex extension. (you can download it here)

In this version we now support the generation of language packs for esperanto. We've also updated the default lang map with mappings for sr@latin, tl_PH. We've also removed mappings for few languages that should not be used such as ar (one should use the ar_AA language team). Because our default mappings had this ar: ar-AA, ar_AA: ar-AA we were generating the same language pack twice. You will need to manually update the options to fix this -> first open the component options and clear all the content from the maping field -> click save. Once it refreshes you'll see that the options have been populated with new content -> click save again. Please also make sure that your tx config doesn't have the same mapping. Generally the rule is -> 1 mapping per unique language.

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