CForms for Joomla! documentation

Template Replacements for Joomla!

You can configure the export (CSV etc.) and Email Templates in CForms.

For this you can export you can they dynamic generated placeholders (following the scheme SUB_FIELDLABEL), e.g. when your field has the label street, the placeholder would be SUB_STREET.

Always available placeholders:

  • FORM_TITLE - The title of the form
  • FORM_ID - The Id of the form
  • FORM_PAGES - The number of pages
  • FORM_RECIPIENTS - Email recipients of the Form

Submission related:

  • SUB_USER_NAME - The name of the Joomla user who submitted the form
  • SUB_USER_USERNAME - The username of the Joomla user
  • SUB_USER_EMAIL - The email address of the Joomla user
  • SUB_ID - The submission id
  • SUB_USERAGENT - The browsers user agent
  • SUB_IP - The ip address
  • SUB_CREATED - Date of the submission
  • SUB_MODIFIED - Modify date of the submission

  • SUB_DATA - The submission data (Combined HTML View of the submission, can only be used in HTML views!)

  • SUB_CSV - Placeholder for the CSV Export

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