Introducing CMandrill for Joomla

Since you normally need to be a programmy nerd to use the service MailChimp asked us to create an integration for Mandrill's API into Joomla. Back in April 2012 we came up with a simple plugin, that allowed you to just provide your API key and after that all e-mails* send by Joomla are going to be sent trough the Mandrill API. Since then we've used the plugin ourselves on and with each day we started to love the Mandrill service even more. That's why we decided that a plugin is great, but making a whole extension would allow us to even better integrate with the Mandrill API and make Joomla's emails just awesome!

With the CMandrill extension you'll be able to:

  • Send emails through the Mandrill API optimised for speed

  • Look at the most important stats (send, receive, bounce rates) directly from your Joomla backend

  • Configure a global HTML template for emails

  • Create HTML templates for specific components by specifying the class & function names that send the mail

* All extensions that use the standard Joomla API for sending mails will continue to function as normal and the mails will be send trough Mandrill. If you are using extensions that have their own Mail classes, then those extensions will continue to function as normal, but they won't use the Mandrill API