Ecommerce360 tracking

Mailchimp's Ecommerce360 tracking is designed to help you measure the ROI of your email campaigns. Now to make use of this feature in Joomla all you need to do is to activate one of the plugins for the supported shopping carts/subscription extensions. We currently support

Enabling Ecommerce360 tracking

First when you are sending a new campaign in Mailchimp enable the ecommerce tracking feature there. This will ensure that the links in your email contain the necessary tracking information.

Then login into the backend of your Joomla website and go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager. Enable the "CMC - Ecom360" plugin and one of the available plugins for your shopping cart/subscription system ( see the previous section on information about currently supported systems).

Developing your own ecommerce360 tracking plugin

Developing a plugin for your own shopping cart is very easy. Prerequisites are that you know PHP.

The easiest way to understand the ecommerce360 plugins would be to look at the already existing plugins in plugins/system/ (all ecommerce360 plugins start with ecom360 in their name). You'll notice that in each plugin we have the following line:

JLoader::discover('CmcHelper', JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . '/components/com_cmc/helpers/');

With it we are including all available CMC Helpers. This ensures that you can call the CmcHelperEcom360::sendOrderInformations function and pass to it all the necessary parameters with your order information.

public static function sendOrderInformations(
		$store_name = "Store name",
		$order_id = 0,
		$total_amount = 0,
    	$tax_amount = 0,
		$shipping_amount = 0,
        $products = array(
						0 => array(
							"product_id" => 0,
							"sku" => "",
							"product_name" => "",
							"category_id" => 0,
							"category_name" => "",
							"qty" => 1.00,
							"cost" => 0.00

$store_id = unique id for the store sending the order (20 bytes max)

$store_name = a "nice" name for the store - typically the base web address (ie, "")

$order_id = the Order id

$total_amount = The Order Total

$tax_amount = the total tax paid

$shipping_amount = the total paid for Shipping Fees

$products = an array containing the individual products(items) for each order.