Hotspots Docs

Manual installation

Sometimes Joomla!™ is unable to properly extract ZIP archives due to technical limitations on your server. In this case, you can follow a manual installation procedure.

You can download the latest installation packages on our site's Hotspots download page. Please note the latest version is always on top. To download a version, make sure you have an active Hotspots subscription and you're logged in. Then click the View files button of the version you want to install. You should see an item page which reads Hotspots x.y.z. Scroll down and click the Download Now button to download the ZIP installation package. If this button is not visible, please make sure that you are logged in and you have an active Hotspots subscription. If you still don't see it, please log out, log back in and retry.

All Hotspots installation packages contain the component and all of its associated extensions. Installing it will install all of these items automatically. It can also be used to update Hotspots; just install it without uninstalling the previous release.

Now you have to extract the installation ZIP file in a subdirectory namedhotspotson your local PC. Then, upload the entire subdirectory inside your site's temporary directory. At this point, there should be a subdirectory namedhotspotsinside your site's temporary directory which contains all of the ZIP packages files. If you are unsure where your site's temporary directory is located, you can look it up by going to the Global Configuration, click on the Server tab and take a look at the Path to Temp-folder setting. The default setting is thetmpdirectory under your site's root. Rarely, especially on automated installations using Fantastico, this might have been assigned the system-wide/tmpdirectory. In this case, please consult your host for instructions on how to upload files inside this directory, or about changing yourJoomla!™ temporary directory back to the default location and making it writable.

Assuming that you are past this uploading step, click on the Extensions, Extension Manager link on the top menu. Open the Install tab, which is the first tab. In this page, locate the Install Directory edit box in the Install from Directory area. It is already filled in with the absolute path to your temporary directory, for example/var/www/joomla/tmp. Please append/hotspotsto it. As per our example, it should look something like/var/www/joomla/tmp/hotspots. Then, click on the Install button.

If you still can't install Hotspots and you are receiving messages regarding unwritable directories, inability to move files or other similar file system related error messages, please do not ask us for support. These errors stem from your site set up and can best be resolved by asking for help in the official Joomla!™ forums.