Hotspots Docs

Custom fields (Pro feature)

Starting with Hotspots 3.6 you are now able to define custom fields for the Hotspots submission form. The custom fields allow you to collect additional information from your users in an organised way. The custom fields can be entered only when the user is submitting a new hotspot and they can be edited later on. Each custom field can be shown in one or more categories. The current list with supported custom fields is:

  • text- this is a normal text field. You can use it for information such as notes, telephone etc.

  • select- this displays a select field with 1 valid option.

The parameters for each custom fields are:

Title The display title of the field.
If you want to make this multilingual enter a string such as COM_HOTSPOTS_CUSTOM_FIELD_MY_CUSTOM_FIELD_TITLE and than translate it using the Joomla language override component

Slug This is the internal name of the field

When to show Determines whether to show the field in all categories or for a specific category only.

Category List with categories where to show the field. Ignored if "All categories" is selected in the "when to show" field.

Field type Determines the field type

Options The options depend on the field type

  • SelectThis is how you define options and their labels. The format is VALUE=LABEL per line. For example:

    1=First label
    2=second LABEL

    With the example above a select field would show with the options First label, second label and THIRD_LABEL. The value stored in the databse when the user selects one of the options will be 1, 2 or 3.

    The labels can be translated.

Default value
The default value the field is set to. It depends on the field type:

  • Text.the contents of the box

  • Select.Enter the value of an option you defined in the Options above.

Allow empty Determines if the user is allowed to submit the form when this field is empty.