Hotspots Docs

Show your JomSocial users on the map (Pro feature)

Starting with Hotspots 3.6 you are now able to show your jomsocial users on the hotspots map. To make use of this feature you need to navigate to Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> find the Community - Hotspots plugin. You'll need to configure it first, before you enable it. Here is an explanation of the different plugin parameters.

Category Select the Hotspots category where your user profiles should be added. (It is a good idea to create a new category that will hold only the JomSocial users)

Link to Determines whether the read more button on each hotspot should lead to the JomSocial profile, or if it should open the single view for the hotspot.

If you select JomSocial, then you would need to enable the Hotspots Links - Jomsocial plugin.

Hotspot name This is the title of the Hotspot. {name} is a placeholder for the user's name. You can use any of the CUser object properties as placeholder.

Description This is the description of the hotspot. You can use any of the CUser object properties as placeholder.

Use <hr id="system-readmore" /> if you want to have intro text and full text for the hotspot.

Address This is the street address field in Jomsocial. Normally FIELD_ADDRESS

City This is the city field in Jomsocial. Normally FIELD_CITY.

State This is the state field in Jomsocial. Normally FIELD_STATE.

Zip code This is the zip code field in JomSocial. The default JomSocial installations don't have a ZIP code field, but if you create one you can enter its unique title here.

Country This is the country field in JomSocial. Normally FIELD_COUNTRY

Custom fields mapping Here you can define a mapping between the hotspots custom fields and the JomSocial custom field. Syntax is as follow:


Once you've configured and enabled the plugin whenever a new user registers or updates his profile the Hotspots entry for this user will update as well.

If you want to link to the JomSocial profile you'll need to enable the Hotspots Links - Jomsocial plugin as well.