Hotspots Docs


Thanks to the the server side boundary and the custom tile methods Hotspots will be able to sustain your database of locations event if it grows a lot! At the same time we ensure the best user experience with and loading times for the amount of data you have.

If you don't have more than 100 locations per category in your database. You can set the marker list length to 100 and this way we will always load all the hotspots visible on the map. However if you have few categories on with 100 locations and the user selects to show "all tabs in the menu" on the map this would mean that we will return 100 for each category. If the user has 5 opened tabs -> we will return 500 locations. This makes the request bigger in kbs and it will be slower to process. That is why whenever you start to have a lot of markers in your categories it is advised to turn on the custom tile method and set the marker list length option to 20.