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Matukio Events - Migration Guide to version 7.0.0

Matukio Events version 7 brings a complete new form builder, in order to implement it the current booking fields, bookings etc. need to be migrated. As this is an excessive task, this is done in multiple steps.

As the migration changes booking data and event data make sure you create a backup before!

The table schema's in total have been changed radically, improving performance and cleaning up common issues.

Before updating create a backup first!

Steps after the update

You have to open every Booking form in order for the new form HTML to be generated, else you get an 500 error in the frontend. (Default booking form and every event form where you had custom event specific booking fields)!

First step after installing the update is navigating to the Matukio Events Administrator area and complete the migration wizard.

Make sure you go to the general Booking form and adjust it to your needs. You have now hundreds of new possibilities to create booking forms. Check out the CForms documentation for more information about it!


Booking field migration

The table #__matukio_bookingfields is removed and it's content is migrated to #__matukio_bookingform*.

We try to keep the ordering of the fields as good as possible, depending if you have multiple fields with the same ordering in your old installation, there could be changes due to the fact that orderings in 7.0 needs to be unique.

Booking migration

The booking format in the table Matukio Bookings is changed. (Columns newfields and newfields_perplace).

If the booking has an field which is no longer existing the migration is aborted to protect your data! In order to continue with the migration you need to fix this errors manually, by either deleting the faulty booking or by recreating the deleted field!

Event migration

The event table #__matukio has been changed completely and cleaned up. Related files are now mapped in a different table, all event information has been moved to the #__event.

Please note: All settings related to Show begin date, end date and All day are being reset.

Old Captcha has been removed

The old captcha has been removed. Please use Google Recaptcha if you require spam protection.

Event-list Bootstrap 3 Template and Upcoming Events

The random placeholder images have been removed, when an event now has no image the event details are shown full width now.

Modern Event-list Template has been removed

The modern event-list template has been removed, this template was not responsive, deprecated and over 5 years old. Please choose another one, like Tauristar or Bootstrap3. These two templates offer also Traffic Lights or bar chart display of the events booking progress.

SQL Schema

Matukio now uses SQL schema files instead of install / uninstall sql. You only have to visit your Matukio dashboard in order to update to the newest DB version. (This is also done during update normally)