Matukio Events for Joomla Documentation

Check-In participants with QR-Codes

Matukio Events offers a handy feature allowing you to easily check-in participants at an event using your smartphone. The QR-Code points to an unique URL in Matukio, so you don't need any special Apps. Just internet access and an QR-Scanner, there are dozens of free ones out there.

In your ticket or booking confirmation insert the placeholder:


When your participants brings this code to your event, you just scan the QR-Code and see if the ticket is valid. You also see all other booking details. The QR-Code can only be checked in once, after this it is invalid. (You still can see the booking details with it).

Please note: By default you have to be logged in in the frontend to check-in users and be an admin / organizer. This way users can't accidentally "invalidate" the code. There is a setting to change that.