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CSV and Excel

Depending on country and language settings Microsoft Excel behaves completely different with CSV files.

For example using a German Windows/Excel setup, the opened file is displayed correctly. The columns are separated where the semicolons existed in the csv-file. But when you do the same on an (US-) English Windows/Excel setup, only one column is imported, showing the whole data including the semicolons in the first column.

You can change the CSV separator in the Matukio configuration, but you also need to update the CSV template.

Other workarounds:

1.) Use the import dialog of Microsoft Excel


1.) Rename the file .txt and import into Excel 2.) Add this on the first line of the CSV file: sep=; or sep=, This will override system setting ("list separator character") and Excel will open the file correctly.'

Thank you to Lyle Huff for testing and creating this guide.