CTransifex is a Joomla extension, that uses the transifex API to grab the latest language translations for your projects and automatically creates installable language packs, that your users can install in the Joomla backend!

Stable 1.5

Released on
Monday, 17 June 2013 12:00

Fixed a lot of stuff see release notes :)

+ added an option to hide the languages that are at 0%
+ contribute now link on the resource leads directly to the editor in transifex.com
# pagination was missing from the projects view
~ updated language & country database
~ updated default language mappings
+ added footer
+ added breadcrumbs
+ added a router file
+ added a language view
# now stats are being calculated as in transifex
# issues with the installation of the lang packs
# now .xml install file has a different name and won't conflict with installed extensions

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