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Thursday, 27 August 2015 00:00

This is the latest release supporting Joomla 2.5! We no longer provide support for it and this release is left here only for those of you who need to download Hotspots for Joomla 2.5. We don't provide support for it!

Hotspots 5.1 introduces multiple files upload & an awesome image gallery in the frontend.

After the installation make sure to go to your dashboard - this is where we will migrate your existing photos. Also, if you have template overrides for make sure to update them as well!


This is the latest release that will support Joomla 2.5! All other releases from now on will be tested only against the latest Joomla! 3 version


You can check out the demo over here.


Have a look at the release notes for more information.

Hotspots 5.1.11
# the message to the owner of a Hotspot was stripped of spaces
# custom marker icon was not shown in single view of a hotspot
+ the Matukio plugin now ads the publish_down date of the event
# some update queries were missing and updating from old version such as 2.0.5 was not possible because of this
# .compojoom-bootstrap class was missing from the single hotspot view page
# changed the default quality for the generated thumbs. Now they should have smaller size than the original image :)
# the custom fields label were not correctly aligned
# KML import option now supports unlimited Folder depth for Placemarks
+ frontend user hotspots now has a filter for search state, list length + an option to delete own hotspots
+ added an option to map Matukio categories to Hotspot categories
* no language was set in the frontend & because of this the hotspot was not shown on multilingual sites
+ added a map background option
# fixes to the CB plugin
# image upload resizing was not working on Chrome browser
+ the galleria now goes in fullscreen on double click
# in single view we set the title of the page to the hotspots title & the site name
+ fb share now shows the correct title, description & image( if available) and sets lat & lng coordinates
+ g+ share now shows the correct title, description & image( if available) and sets lat & lng coordinates

Hotspots 5.1.10
# the weather layer was showing up on the map per default, despite being turned off

Hotspots 5.1.9
# Submit map was no longer working on Joomla 2.5 (this is also going to be the last release supporting joomla 2.5)
# when the weather layer was enabled the map on the submit page was not working

Hotspots 5.1.8
^ switching the weather layer to (Google has deprecated it's own weather layer and it will stop working on the 4th of June 2015)
- removed the clouds layer (as Google deprecated it and they it will stop working on the 4th of June 2015)
- removed the panoramio layer (as Google deprecated it and they it will stop working on the 4th of June 2015)
# the jomsocial links profile was no longer generating correct urls to the user's profile
# the community - hotspots plugin was no longer working on Jomsocial 4
+ added recaptcha to the contact author of a Hotspot form
+ added an option to the k2 plugin to delete an existing hotspot directly from the k2 item
# jomsocial features plugin was not working properly with Jomsocial 4.x
+ added a feature to send a mail to the author of a Hotspot
# the hotspots - k2 now supports swtabs
# set correct orientation for the generated thumbs

Hotspots 5.1.7
# dashboard was not loading when ccomment 5.3.3 was installed on the site
# fixed reordering issue with custom fields

Hotspots 5.1.6
+ option to gather anonymous stats about the environment & configuration of the extension

Hotspots 5.1.5
+ added JED review request on the dashboard
# if we are in category list view look for the presence of the {hotspots} tag only in the introtext field
+ The create hotspots menu now has a default categories option. You can specify which categories are visible in the frontend with it.
# output friendly warning when a hotspot is linked to unexisting matukio entry
# sometimes the tabs in teh menu were executing ajax requests due to a jquery ui "feature"
# hardcoded 'Select category' in the frontend submit form
# Hack around joomla bug:

Hotspots 5.1.4
# warning when address was missing in single view
# center by marker boundaries was not working

Hotspots 5.1.3
# Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR for people on PHP 5.3 on single view. Users running PHP 5.4 were not affected

Hotspots 5.1.2
# Updating from any version previous to 5.0 would cause a mysql error

Hotspots 5.1.1
# Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR for people on PHP 5.3. Users running PHP 5.4 were not affected

Hotspots 5.1.0
+ multiple images upload
+ use of to show the images in frontend (with fullscreen support!!!)
+ new submit hotspot view in frontend
~ single hotspot view no longer relies on mootools
# readmore was shown even though the option in the hotspot was set to no

Hotspots 5.0.5
# load the correct language for facebook recommend plugin
# Joomla search plugin was not returning the correct results
# jomsocial, matukio & k2 plugins were unable to select a Hotspots category
# fixed sobiPRO import
# selecting start and end date in the frontend was not visible due to css bug
# on Joomla 2.5 one was not able to delete any hotspots in the backend
# map on dashboard was not showing the markers

Hotspots 5.0.4
+ KML import now import files that don't have a document node
+ KML import now has a default category option
# in some cases the installation was failing on joomla 2.5
# uploading a category marker icon was not working
+ it's now possible to seach for more than one hotspot by id in the backend syntax: id: 28,29 etc
# fire onContentChangeState event when a hotspot gets published/unpublished

Hotspots 5.0.3
# category icon selection was not working when JSN power admin was enabled
# when category filter was selected KML files were not being loaded due to wrong query
# when the content - categories plugin was enabled one was not able to save hotspots, articles, categories or upload media :(

Hotspots 5.0.2
# the publish/unpublish button in the toolbar was not working in hotspots view in backend
# editing categories on joomla 2.5 was not possible
# on some sites the marker icons were not loading
# on joomla 2.5 the content and k2 plugins were crashing the page rendering
# possible page crash when using meta description & keywords
# the single hotspot selection was showing few notices
# locations view was not loading on joomla 2.5
# deleting a hotspot in the backend was resulting in a php error after the deletion
# kml import was no longer working correctly with the new category manager
# wrong link to the categories in the installation quick links.
Hotspota 5.0.1
# Due to a wrong category check users were not able to create new Hotspots in the backend

Hotspots 5.0.0
+ when selecting a parent category automatically select all children
~ The tile cache has been moved to joomla's cache folder
^ Using Joomla's Category Manager. Now supporting subcategories!
# marker tiles were not loaded on joomla 2.5
~ changed the default message that displays when you haven't provided a download id
+ kml import now also support StyleMaps definitions in the KML file
# CB plugin - if the user is blocked, not approved, not confirmed or banned then remove his location from the map
+ the latest hotspots module has an option to show/hide the author and date
# the mail notify plugin was sending the same email X times to each user (where X is the number of moderators (facepalm))
# the email notify plugin was sending emails to blocked accounts
# reverse geocoding location in the backend was working only for 1 item and for multiple items
# imported KML locations were not being shown on the map due to a missing language value
+ added EasySocial avatar and profiles support
# map not working on Ipad in fullscreen mode
+ added an option to show the coordinates in the PRO version
~ share map & rss is per default disabled in the core version
~ when a custom field is not filled out don't show it
# kml import on joomla 2.5 was not working properly
+ added a module class suffix support to the latest hotspots module
# javascript error when changing direction's to/from in the hotspots marker
+ the matukio integration can now also use the locations define in matukio for each event

Hotspots 4.3.3
# submitting a hotspot in the backend was not working under joomla 2.5

Hotspots 4.3.2
# submission form was not working in the frontend

Hotspots 4.3.1
# customfields assigned to specific categories couldn't be loaded in the hotsptos create view

Hotspots 4.3.0
+ improved Matukio integration. Now the link to event leads to the new dates view where the user can select a date repeating event
+ added option to show latitude and longitude in the frontend
- removed print map option as it was not working since the 4.0 version. Will introduce it back in 4.5
+ the content - hotspots plugin now also works in jevents
# Address is not displayed correctly
# zoom not working in the div at the bottom of the map (when menu is turned off)
- removed the loading data indicator near the cursor
+ added the hotspotsanywhere plugin. It allows you to include the main hotspots view in a module position or in an article
~ the custom fields code has been abstracted and moved to lib_compojoom (have a look at your configured custom fields, you might need to reapply any category relationships)
# custom fields data is now output event for unpublished events
# saving a hotspot with wrong data was not outputing any error information

Hotspots 4.2.4
# on some installations the configuration was crashing
# when the title was too long and there was an image, the title was slipping to a new row

Hotspots 4.2.3
# on joomla 2.5 the dashboard was crashing on some installations

Hotspots 4.2.2
# K2 plugin was not working with custom zoom level
+ added option to toggle the states (open, clsoe) of streetview by clicking on the streetview image
+ added avatar support for CB, Jomsocial, Kunena and K2
+ added profile support for CB, Jomsocial, Kunena and K2
# fontawesome icons for directions search were not loading when emulate bootstrap was on
# map width was not correct when menu was set to start closed
# the menu arrow was not correct when the menu was set to start closed

Hotspots 4.2.1
# wrong center when we had coordinates in the url
# wrong offset leading to inability to load hotspots when a filter is selected

Hotspots 4.2.0
# Show correct message when saving a hotspot in the frontend and autopublish is set to off
# list length parameter was not taken into account (the menu list had always 20items...)
# when tabs title is turned off don't show information how to change the tabs...
+ added an option to turn off the streetview when a hotspot is selected in the menu list
+ added a new custom field: url
# when users don't have any markers in a category, always use the default map center
# wrong tiles generated when no cats filter provided
# centering by marker bounds was not working properly
# wrong catid was used when there was no k2catid=hotspotcatid mapping in the k2 - hotspots plugin
# Map doesn't respect the map type options in backend
# the rss feed is now cached in joomla's cache folder and not in hotspots media folder
# k2 items were saving the hotspot with wrong coordinates (lat & lng were mixed up)
# allow empty in custom fields options was not respected
# map in the dashboard was cut off
+ Hotspots is now fully responsive. Works on small screens(iphone, windows Phone, android)
# fixed issues with the tour when tabs are disabled
~ making the css a little more bulletproof for templates that are not well written
# emailing the map was not working when the user was not logged in

Hotspots 4.1.1
# fixed Jomsocial activity plugin was no longer adding activity to jomsocial
# fixed warning on filters view

Hotspots 4.1.0
+ added option to emulate bootstrap for templates that don't come with support for the framework
+ enter now triggers the direction search in the hotspots list
+ added an option to hide the tab title
+ when no tab is selected for the menu, we now show the information about the hotspot in a div on top of the map
+ added options to select which tab to show in the menu
# the menu closed option was not taken into account
# the k2 plugin was not properly centering the marker
# the k2 plugin was creating a fatal error
~ moved all helper files to the frontend /helpers folder
^ Renamed hotspotsHelper to HotspotsHelperSettings - this might break your template overrides, so make sure to update them!
# hotspots were not properly loaded on multilingual sites
+ hotspots_above_filter & hotspots_below_filter module positions allowing you to display additional info to your users when they click on filters
+ onBeforeBuildQuery & onAfterBuildQuery events for developers who want to manipulate the list of hotspots
$ added missing translations
~ made the css a little more bulletproof against badly written templates and extensions
^ Switching to the Handlebars.js template framework - you'll need to update your template overrides
+ added import locations from KML file
# page class & page heading options in page display in the menu were not respected

Hotspots 4.0.6
# tooltips on the filters were cut off
# reorder the toolbar buttons in category view to follow the joomla standard 3.x behavior
+ adding fb, twitter & google plus share button on single view of a hotspot
# on some installations users were not able to upload KML files
# the k2 plugin was missing the javascript file
# tour navigation buttons were not translated
# directions search from hotspots list was not working
^ changed syntax of underscore js templates - we now use {{ }} instead of - Make sure to update your overrides!
~ code cleanup
# reloading update information was not working on joomla 2.5
# kml files were not loaded when no category was selected
^ changed the k2 integration behave. Now the fields support geocoding
# category ordering was not respected
# start map in fullscreen was not working

Hotspots 4.0.5
# forgotten console.log output
# hotspots were not loading because of a missing tooltip library on some joomla installations
+ added new module positions. Check docs on for more details

Hotspots 4.0.4
# on update the modified_by table field was not created, due to a typo in the mysql file
# jquery ui tabs can load content using ajax, which screws hotspots if the url contains a query...
# hardcoded language strings
~ language file cleanup
~ removed unused code
~ code cleanup

Hotspots 4.0.3
# when there is no filter set, make sure that we look only for hotspots in published categories
# hotspots now respect the address settings
# show author and date settings were having no effect
# marker count was not taken into account
# hardcoded language strings in the map view
# truncating the short description was creating issues with html code

Hotspots 4.0.2
# wrong sql syntax in a query on the dashboard
# dashboard buttons were missing icons on joomla 2.5- removed option to hide categories on top (as we no longer have the categories on top)
# map was not respecting the centering method selected by the user
# styled maps was not working on some installations

Hotspots 4.0.1
# old install definitions in the hotspots.xml were preventing it from installing (update was working)
# the complete_uninstall option was not respected when uninstalling the component

Hotspots 4.0.0
+ Now using joomla's updater for updating core & pro versions
- Removing the liveupdate library as we rely on joomla for updates now
# Change arrow direction when menu opens# When menu is closed and the user clicks on a hotspot -> open it and center on this hotspot
# menu was not closing on IE11
+ added pagination on top of the list in the menu
# still using mootools functions on some places
# using the new sql installer. Now updates from dev to stable, from stable to dev are no longer an issue. Downgrades to version 4 as well!!! yahoo!
~ now using our backend template
- removed the old controlcenter and all backend modules
+ added new dashboard
# added map to the k2 item submit view (now user can use a drag and drop marker to specify the location
+ we have street, city, zip, country) fields
# custom fields were crashing, because values were not escaped.
+ new hotspots view - new directions, hotspots & settings
# fixed bug in the SobiPro migrator

Hotspots Core 5.1.11

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