Stable 2.0.4

Released on
Thursday, 04 June 2015 00:00

Tiles now have an improved backend.

The individual tiles now have a size that is specified in px. The container on the other side 100% of the available space, this way when the we resize the page, the container size changes, but the tiles stay the same. This allows us to see the individual tiles even on small screens, where with version 1.x the tiles were shown with width in percent. So the smaller the screen, the smaller the tiles... This change makes the gallery responsive, yey!

# wrong force update url on the dashboard

# fixes to the image upload
# usability fixes to the tile form

# one was not able to upload images for the tiles
# allow the tile text to be html string

# due to a typo it was not possible to hide the powered by text

+ new backend
+ module now has an option for start position of the gallery
^ tiles have now fixed width in px

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