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  4. Tuesday, 01 September 2015
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Hi Daniel / Yves,

I notice you also use the Joomlaworks social connect plug in for social media logins to your site. Do you know of a way to give users who create an account via this method to join Mailchimp using your CMC extension? At the moment I don't get a chance to ask these users if they want to sign up for the newsletter and have to email manually, which isn't a great way really. Just looking for a better way.

I'll contact joomla works too, but thought i'd see what your opinion is.

cheers Pete
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Daniel Dimitrov
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Hey Pete,
I don't remember the code of the Social plugin anymore (haven't look at it for a long time now). I think that they have a plugin event once the user is added on the site. One could write a plugin to automatically add the new users to your mailchimp list. Or if you wnat to make your life even more complicated - display a newsletter form and ask them if they want to subscribe. Then track who wanted to subscribe and who refused so that the next time they login you don't show them the form :)

Another solution maybe would be to redirect them after each login to a dashboard that has the cmc module.

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Thanks for your ideas Daniel. I'm no coder, so not something I could do myself. And do prefer not to mess around too much with extensions to keep upgrades and support simple.

I have spoken to them (social plugin) about new features, but nothing new going to come for a long time. They haven't added any new functionality for a long time, so not sure how important it is to them to.

I have been looking at an extension from https://www.easy-profile.com does all the stuff I mentioned like sending new users to one page and existing users to another. so may just switch to that. thought I'd mention as may help someone else looking for this kind of this kind of functionality.

cheers PEte
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