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  3. Tuesday, 30 April 2024
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We have recently updated a site from Joomlav3 to v4 (4.4.2). Now when we go to make a comment we get the message "We are sorry but something went wrong with your request. Try again and if it doesn't work notify the system administrator."
We had read in an earlier post that the solution was to install the latest version so we have installed 6.1.12, but this did not solve the issue. We also read that the solution was to completely uninstall the component, wiping the data (after exporting it from phpMyAdmin), and reinstalling the latest version. However, before we go to that measure I do need to know what the steps are for this. Because if we remove the data and the tables are different, should we not also be removing those database tables? If they are different, will this not affect importing the sql fle back in? Sorry for the questions, but just can't end up losing these comments, they mean a lot to the site's users.
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