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  3. Tuesday, 09 February 2010
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Daniel Dimitrov wrote:
..., perhaps you could consider donating for the work, that jonus has put into this ;)

I think that people's attitude generally to donations is appauling.
I am not pointing to anyone in particular here, but just in general.
In the past few years I have seen a number of really good projects dumped because the creators are just not earning anything from it.
I mean, the programmers are doing a fantastic job of actually doing the work that is needed to be able to make live sites interactive etc.
But then "we", fail in our job as the customer/client by not donating.

Open Source is kind of doomed to fade out if things continue this way.
Mamblog and that Jobs component were great in version Joomla 1.0, but the developers just lost interest due to this fact.

I think this donation system has prooven it doesn't work.

Sure, small plugin stuff can be regarded as a fun hobby event. But complex stuff that help keep a site alive should be kept alive.
Donations to this stuff should be second nature.

But it won't change in the near future, and good projects will die. Then people like "me" will scream out asking why have the programmers given up?

Personally, to avoid this thing happening, I suggest that the next upgrade to !JoomlaComment 4.0 Stable should have a price to it.
Maybe just symbolic, but hey everyone chipping in a little is a hell of a better situation than nobody. Well, at least close to...

Sorry if this post is totally out of context etc, and feel free to delete it if it is too far over the edge. I just feel it should be said.

And if you decide to delete it, perhaps a few would have read it first... ;)
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