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  3. Tuesday, 05 June 2018
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I've integrated CComment with Remository (of which I'm the author) for a client. To achieve this, I seem to have needed to make some changes to CComment code, although it would seem preferable for everything to be handled by the Remository plugin. In the file ..plugins/content/joscomment/joscomment.php I added a default to the case statement in the method findOutComponent, as shown here:

$parts = explode('.', $context);
$component = $parts[0];

It could have been Remository specific, but this seems a reasonable generic default on the assumption that the context is something following a pattern similar to 'com_remository.file'.

Since Remository doesn't make much use of a parameter object, I also needed to make a change within the onContentAfterDisplay method of the same file, altering the test for com_content to include com_remository:

if ($component == 'com_content' OR 'com_remository' == $component)

Is there some alternative approach that I could have used? Without these changes, the logic seems to mean that nothing will be generated for the comments relating to Remository. Obviously, it is undesirable to change this file, because the changes will have to be done again whenever there is a new release.
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