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  3. Sunday, 03 November 2019
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I am using CComment PRO 6.0.7 on a Gantry 4 template by Rocketheme. It has been working well for years, thank you!
I am installing another template, a Gantry 5 template by InspireTheme (Oxygen) and once set up, this will become the default template.
In comparing the two pages - the 'live' welcome page with the new one under dev (on the gantry 5 template) - there is a big visual difference in the module Latest/Most CompojoomComment. It is literally the same module, assigned to both pages.
On the Gantry 5 page, no data is displayed for class="ccomment_info" which is the title of the article. can you please assist ... same module, two different templates. For some reason, the data for this class does not appear on the page nor does it appear in the page code.

I have provided login info under site details. Neither page can be accessed unless you are logged in as a subscriber.
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