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  3. Wednesday, 12 October 2022
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I am using Joomla Version 3.9.21 and CMC - Mailchimp for Joomla 4.1.0 for 4 years where every thing worked perfect. I have now moved my website to another server and I am having problemsending emails from MailChimp. This is what i sent MailChimp support.

I am using Mailchimp to sent emailnotification when new Blogposts are made in Easyblog om my Joomla website, this has worked perfect in 3 years. After I moved my website to another server the emails are no longer sent but theymarked as "draft" under campaigns. Sending a draft manually Mailchinp sents all emails but 2/3 are bounced. I could need some help with this issue.

This is the answer from Mailchimp.

I understand that you’re looking to see what is going on with your campaigns but have not been able to. I’m happy to help provide more information.

Jumping right in, when it comes the integration CMC - MailChimp for Joomla by Compojoom we are not able to advise on it since it is a 3rd party integration. I would recommend contacting them directly for support.

However, when it comes to bounces it looks like the contacts that bounced were all soft bounces. Bounces can happen for a variety of reasons such as the mailbox is full, the mailbox is inactive, etc. It does look like the campaigns are being sent from the email info@nscykelmotion.dk. I took a look at the domain nscykelmotion.dk and did notice that while it is authenticated it is following our old authentication requirements. Below is an article that goes into more detail.

Soft vs. Hard Bounces: https://eepurl.com/dyimM1

Authentication essentially tells receiving email servers that it is okay to receive email from your domain when you are sending in bulk via a platform like Mailchimp. While it will not guarantee that emails land in a subscriber's inbox, it will reduce many of the issues that prevent that from happening. The following resources can offer more details:

Do you think that your CMC can course this problem regarding authentication following the old requirements and i need to update?

Best regards Jan Poulsen
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