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  3. Friday, 06 November 2015
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As email blocking gets more aggressive for even clean servers, it is great to have easy access to Mandrill for transactional emails. Thanks for this tool!
I am not sure if this is a question or a feature request. I am using cMandrill for 3 different sites. I setup a separate API and subaccount for each site through Mandrill. I also created "rules" at Mandrill to make sure that emails are identified with the correct sub account based on which API key is used. I also made sure to assign the correct subaccount within the options for cMandrill. So, I think I have done everything I can to separate out which emails go with which API and subaccount.
...However, all the "Top Tracked URL's" and "Activity" for each site shows up in the other two sites. In other words every site sees the URLs and activity of every other site.
I would happily pay for a PRO version of cMandrill that only showed the stats appropriate to each sub account.
Any info on this is greatly appreciated.
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Daniel Dimitrov
Support team
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You mean the stats in the component? Or the stats on the mandrill site?
Please if you use our extensions be so kind and review them at JED
Matukio | Hotspots Pro | CComment Pro
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I am referring to these stats in the component.
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