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CNotes is a Joomla! extension & module that lets your users create private notes on each & every page of your site.

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Why Cnotes?

CNotes was developed as part of the "Joomla extension development masterclass" in July 2012. Together with our students we've explored the Joomla framework and have build something that is hopefully useful to you as well! If you want to learn how to build Joomla extensions on your own, maybe you should visit and book the next free webinar!


Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about Cnotes

Great product, simple and use to use, most important powerful!
I felt blessed when I first got to know there is one component that fits my needs - which is to create a LMS for learners, surely a functionality like writtig notes is essential! In fact when I was hesitate to download it or not, I found the the support team was asking me if I had any questions via Chatbox via web! I asked and got immediate feedback. After I downloaded and installed, it worked like a dream. I requested if I can be contributing my mother language to this great component and was shown shortly to transifex where I can help with my own language, from where I found other people are working on it too, which explains it's a well-known one. Great support and product, thanks!

So simple, so useful!
I just needed a way to keep tabs on all small things to do in every new page of my new (and huge) joomla site. I didn't want another receptacle as we use Hoduma for the big stuff and I will use Fabrik to make todo's and such. But for the on-the-run-stuff I hadn't found a solution. Until now!


Features at a glance!
  • add private notes on every page of the site (provided that the cnotes module is published on that pages :))
  • notes are added without page refresh (long live ajax!)
  • user can add/edit/delete his own notes in the frontend
  • administrator can view/edit/delete notes in the backend

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CNotes is fully compatible with Joomla 3.9 till Joomla 3.10!