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Looking for a good Google Maps component? Don't look further! Hotspots is powerful, yet easy to install, set up & use! 

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Hotspots is the Google maps solution for Joomla!
Fully compatible with Joomla 2.5 & 3.x!

Locations that matter!

You know a lot of interesting locations? With just a few clicks you'll be able to share them with your site visitors. The location address can even be auto-populated by the Google maps API.


Customize the map!

The standard Google map is awesome! But your site is all black and white? Don't worry! You can create a styled Google map for your site and use it with Hotspots!



No matter if you have just a few locations or 100 000 - Hotspots is optimized to handle even the biggest databases. 



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Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about Hotspots

Totally satisfied

The component is perfect... it works as it supposed to be... Also the support team is great... they answer fast and they surelly give the solution to any problem might have... Thanks a lot for this excellent component...

written by Decadent on 13.07.2013


Worth the expense
Unbelievably robust/feature rich mapping component! Multiple maps, multiple categories on the same map, enter an address, coordinates or simply drag the icon to the map and the other details are added for you!
I had a JS conflict with my template provider and Daniel not only did the problem solving quickly on the forum but also took the time to log into my site to assist with it's correction.
If you're looking for a full featured, flexible mapping application with outstanding support... you've found your component!

written by MyWebGuy on 25.05.2013


Quick installation and setup
  • Install and setup your Google map in a matter of minutes
  • Upgrading Hotspots is easy - no need to uninstall first
  • User-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to configure your Google map
  • Strong back-end with lots of options for choosing the right position and setup
  • Helpful tooltips to make configuration even easier
  • Comprehensive documentation


Powerfull customization options
  • Add markers for any address, place or latitude/longitude location
  • Create multiple categories with different icons (markers) for your locations
  • Each marker has an individual description with multiple pictures
  • 500 sample marker icons included to give you the ability to create any marker
  • Easy to adapt to the style of your Joomla website
  • Geocode feature(coordinates of locations)
  • Set marker list length (number of markers on map)
  • Use custom titles
  • Let the Map automatically determine the best zoom and center settings
  • Set Captcha for submitting new location - can be set per user group
  • Basic, layout and advancedconfiguration settings

Awesome map

Your users will love the map!
  • Fast loading Google map
  • Details page for every single marker/location
  • Give your users the ability to plan their route
  • Mailing of current map
  • Street-view options from the front-end
  • Advanced zoom options, including full-screen view
  • Address search and location filters
  • Option to add markers from the front-end, with a drag & drop marker and geolocation support
  • Option to edit map points from the front-end of the site
  • Search for hotspots in all categories


Integrations with other Joomla extensions!

Technical features

  • Based on the latest Google Maps API v3 - it's fast!
  • Map is Ajax based, so no reloading of the map needed - fast loading for your visitors even for large set of markers
  • We are always working on developing to new versions
  • Friendly and fast support, and our team is always happy to guide you in the process of customizations etc
  • Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
  • SEF urls


Hotspots is available in two editions, Core and Professional.

Hotspots Core is a Free (as in "free speech" and as in "free beer") & complete Google Maps marker manager for your joomla site. It is easy to install and configure, but it has less configuration options than Hotspots Pro. It is for those of you who need to show just a few location on a map & don't need all the fancy stuff.

Hotspots Professional, on the other hand, is the version distributed for a fee which has all the fancy stuff Google maps can provide. It ads support for KML (which would allow you to draw lines), it has custom tiles for people that have a lot of markers. Thanks to the "styled maps" support you can create an unique map that would match the color & feel of your website. It can also provide your users with information about the weather in the region, traffic etc thanks to the google maps layer integrations. If you are running a community website you'll appreaciate the integration with Jomsocial, CB & AlphaUserPoints(AUP).

Official Support
Comprehensive documentation
Easy setup & configuration
Unlimited categories
Manage more than 100 locations (markers)
Frontend marker submission
View with hotspots submitted by the logged in user
Overriding of any JS variable
Show joomla modules in the menu
Centering the map using the user's location
Google maps features
Centering based on the user's position
KML support
Custom tiles
Google maps styled maps
Google maps weather layer
Google maps clouds layer
 Google maps traffic layer
Google maps transife layer
Google maps bicycle layer
Google maps panoramio layer
Ability to modify the google maps controls (pan, zoom, map type, scale, street view, overview map)

Link user's name to Jomsocial


Link user's name to CB


Show a map with the users registered in Community Builder (CB)


Show a map with the user's registered in Jomsocial


Show a map with the K2 items + show a map with a single item under K2


Show a map with Matukio events



Show address, author, country, date

Resize map option

Jomsocial activity stream
Jomsocial user points on hotspot submission
CB latest Hotspots on profile
AlphaUserPoints integration
Link Hotspot to an Article, K2 or SobiPro item    
Link Hotspot to an external link or Flexicontent, CB, Jomsocial, Matukio
Search plugin
Plugin to show a hotspot in an Article, K2 item
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Hotspots is fully compatible with Joomla 3.9 and 4.x!