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CMandrill is a Joomla extension that integrates with the Mandrill API (developped by MailChimp) to enable fast email delivery and awesome transactional email experience for your joomla users.

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Mandrill for Joomla

EMails the right way!

Send mails like a Pro! Just enter your API key and enable the plugin and your website will send the mails through the Mandrill service. Now you can know what happens with your mails!



Right in your backend you'll get information about the mails being sent, delivered and bounced back. By logging into the mandrill service you'll be able to look at even more detailed options such as open & click rates!



Forget about the boring Joomla emails! Create a template in the Mandrill service and use it on your Joomla site. You don't have to use the boring plain text emails anymore!



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Customer reviews

What our customers have to say about CMandrill

Cleanly coded plugin - installs well, simple to set up and with mandrill provides a much improved email management solution.

Does what should be doing
Very good and easy plugin - just set Mandrill API and works. If only Mandrill team made it easier to use for non-programmers it would be perfect


Why use CMandrill and what are transactional mails?

If you are on a website and you try to register you'll normally get a registration email - this email is a transactional mail, a mail that was sent to you, because you did something on website X. Now let us imagine that after registering on website X, we don't get the confirmation mail. What do we do? We contact the website owner and say - sorry, but we didn't receive the email. Let us imagine that we are the owner of website X - what do we do when a customer is telling us that he didn't receive the mail? We scratch our head and we say - look at your spam folder. But is the email really in the spam folder, was it actually sent? Is it still in the process of delivery or did it magically disappear from the face of the internet? In the past we did not have a simple way to know that, but now that has changed thanks to Mandrill. You can look at the emails being sent from your Joomla website, you can look at open/click rates and you can always know if a mail was delivered or if it bounced back. This is what the Mandrill service is all about - giving you the peace of mind that your customers are receiving your emails & the bonus of knowing if they actually open them and engage with the content.


Features at a glance!
  • Send emails through the Mandrill API optimized for speed
  • Look at the most important stats ( send, receive, bounce rates) directly from your Joomla backend
  • Configure a global HTML template for emails
  • Create HTML templates for specific components and even further define each view or task that should use the template

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CMandrill is fully compatible with Joomla 3.9 till Joomla 3.10!