Angular 2 Development

Modern desktop like Web-Applications!  Angular is an open source browser based JavaScript-Framework developed by Microsoft and the Google Developer community.

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Web-Applications that feel like native Apps

Break into new markets

Angular 2 makes applications possible that before were limited to the desktop. Save money and invest in a platform running on any device and any operating system!


Complex applications

Angular 2 is the ideal solution for mid- to large scale projects, like insurance software, page builders, press release systems etc.



You need a new application for you business? But you don't have an exact idea how to get it going? We have many years of experience in the market. Let us help you making it happen!


What can we do for you?
  • Angular 2 Development, maintenance and updates
  • Multi-Device & Multi Operating System
  • Single-page & multi-page Applications
  • Testing based on Karma and Jasmine
  • System Tests
  • Consulting and software analysis
  • and more!