Joomla! Security

Security and malware analysis, Server and Joomla hardening, Site restoration and more! 

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Protect your site and your customers!


Waking up to a compromised website happens more often than you think. It will ruin your day and it will eat your time. So, if you value it you'll hire us to analyse what happened, to remove the malware and to restore your site! 


Server and Joomla Hardening

Setting up a secure and reliable server and Joomla! website isn't done in five minutes - we can help you do it right!



Setting up a new Joomla! based website? Creating a new Joomla! based application? Profit from our expirience and don't do the mistakes we did!


What can we do for you?
  • Joomla! malware detection and analysis
  • Intrusion detection and analysation
  • Joomla! security and hardening!
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat EL / CentOS, Arch) server hardening!
  • Windows server hardening!
  • Restoration of infected Joomla websites
  • Security consulting
  • and more!