Mandrill is a transactional email product from the people who brought you MailChimp. Mandrill is designed to help applications or websites that need to send transactional email like password resets, order confirmations, and welcome messages. Technically, though, you can send any legal, non-spam emails through Mandrill.

Mandrill offers advanced tracking, easy-to-understand reports & email templates.

Here at compojoom we use Mandrill, because we want to be sure that you'll receive our emails. At the end it is no fun when you sign up for our service and you never receive your confirmation email! Mandrill makes sure that our emails are always delivered & are delivered fast! If your Joomla site needs to send any kind of transactional emails, then make sure that you use Mandrill. Using Mandrill with Joomla is easy thanks to our CMandrill extension. You can download it here.